Shift Your Marketing Strategy So You Can Achieve MORE Revenue And Profits With FEWER Clients And LESS Work 

We'll Give You A Proven Plan To Replace Them With High-Value Clients (HVCs) Who Appreciate You, Take Your Advice And Are Willing To Pay A Premium For Quality IT Support

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What MSPs Are Saying About TMT’s Roadshow!

“After Implementing Robin’s Proven Strategies We Added 40 New Clients!”

I was STUCK for eight straight years. I decided to attend Roadshow, and after implementing Robin’s proven strategies we added 40 new clients and $1,384,486 in revenue!

David Javaheri

Direct IT
“We Replaced ‘Hope And Pray’ Advertising, With Proven, Targeted Marketing!”
As a direct result of attending Roadshow, we replaced “hope and pray” advertising, with proven, targeted marketing that we learned at the seminar and quickly added $24,796.57 in new MMR!

Kelley And Shawnda Sanford

Nerds In A Flash
“Nixed The ‘Easy Button,’ Then Added $576,000 In NEW SALES!”
Attending Roadshow was SO WORTH IT! After that seminar, we went “All In”, nixed the “Easy Button”, then added $576,000 in NEW SALES!

Matt Wellner

Krueger Communications
“The Entire Conference Was AMAZING!”
I convinced my boss to let me attend Roadshow. The entire conference was AMAZING! We signed 4 new clients using Robin’s No-BS Marketing Campaigns we learned!

Jenn McGroary

ClearCom IT Solutions
“Roadshow Was The Starting Point Of Our Transformation!”
Roadshow was the starting point in our transformation from a break-fix shop to an MSP model that added $1,124,000 in a single year!

Roland Parker

Impress Computers
“This Event Is Worth The Money!”
I attended Roadshow and the number one thing I learned was to get off the fence! This event is worth the money. After Roadshow we made a commitment to keep the momentum going.

Bryce Servine

Centerpoint IT

“There Is No Better Time To Push The Accelerator Than Now!”
We keep coming back to Roadshow year after year because we learn something new every time. There is always a new, innovative way to work on your business to absorb and implement.

Evan Desjardines

RoundTable Technology
“Roadshow Lit A Fire Under My Butt!”
Roadshow lit a fire under my butt, and we OVERSHOT our revenue goal by $325K! We went from zero recurring revenue, zero marketing, and zero sales in the pipeline to $125,000 in recurring revenue just by implementing the strategies and tactics we learned.

Ed Wenzel

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