How To Shift Your MSP Marketing Strategy To

Achieve MORE Revenue And MORE Profits With FEWER Clients And LESS Work 

Most MSPs Are Stuck Supporting, Cheap, Low-Margin Clients Who DON'T Value IT. ​We'll Give You A Proven Plan To Replace Them With High-Value Clients (HVCs) Who Appreciate You, Take Your Advice And Are Willing To Pay A Premium For Quality IT Support

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How To Generate More Revenue, Profits And Enterprise Value By Attracting And Developing HVCs (High-Value Clients) 

From Robin Robins 
CEO and Founder, TMT 

99% of all MSPs ask the WRONG question when it comes to marketing: How do I get more clients? 

The more strategic and sophisticated question is: “How do I attract and develop more right-fit HIGH-VALUE CLIENTS who understand the value of what I do so I don’t have to defend my fees and deal with the frustration (and risk!) of stubborn, cheap clients who won’t listen to my advice?” 

At the core of this question is TRUST.  

The MSP sale is based entirely on trust. There is no visible or demonstrable deliverable. Your client doesn’t know what “good” is and cannot tell if your process is superior. Your services cannot be tested in advance. The “product” is an intangible: peace of mind. You can’t rely on “before and after” photos. Therefore, the degree of difficulty in getting clients to trust your advice and buy is HIGH.

But when you know how to engineer your marketing and sales process to position you as a TRUSTED AUTHORITY, you have an enormous advantage over the vast majority of MSP competitors – even those selling at cheaper prices. 

When you implement this superior approach to growth, you open the door to higher fees and greater margins with more respectful, cooperative clients.  

You reduce the amount of cost and effort to generate MORE leads. You eliminate long sales cycles and reduce fee resistance. You simplify operations by needing fewer clients to make the same income, which means less overhead, fewer employees and less chaos. 

The problem is that high-value clients are in the minority and competition is fierce to secure them. You won’t attract them with the “usual” marketing most MSPs employ. It requires a unique and somewhat “illogical” approach to marketing and sales, along with a very intentional and strategic plan – all of which you will be given at this event. 

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How To Use AI To Make Marketing FAST, EASY And Get More Leads And TRAFFIC Than You Ever Thought Possible

“Growth Is Optional, Change Is Inevitable!”

An opportunity that’s rarely ever seen exists right now. AI has created an unlevel playing field where you have a chance to beat your competition by using tools that allow you to do more than you’d ever think possible, in less time, less (or no) expense, with less personnel.  

In just one day you’ll see how to leapfrog your competition IF you know how to use simple AI tools to create and multiply your content to get more traffic, leads and appointments.   

You can do this withOUT more staff, withOUT spending a lot of money and withOUT special skills other than being able to follow some simple instructions. Ignore these strategies, and a hungry competitor WILL pass you by.  

With four unique sessions you’ll get a full day that will equip you to be more productive today and give you the jump you need to take advantage of this unique opportunity that hasn’t been seen in decades. 

Session 1:

The State Of AI: Tools You Can Use Today, PLUS What’s Happening In The Next 12-18 Months That Every Business Needs To Know

The way we do business is changing faster than ever, and in this session, you’ll discover the range of tools that are available that can totally transform how you do business today. We’ll preview the most promising, exciting and downright weird AI tools that are hitting the market in the near future that will become commonplace in business. 

You’ll discover a variety of simple tools, features and strategies you can take and use immediately, that’ll put you on the leading edge and give you a huge advantage over your competition. You know AI isn’t a trend, but there’s so much out there that you might not know where to start. This session is going to give you the plan to follow to go from zero to 100 immediately and let you peek into the future or what’s to come. 

Sessions 2 & 3:

Using AI To Get Traffic, Leads And Appointments Using Content You Already Have

In this double-session workshop, you’re going to dive in and use programs to create search engine-optimized content that you can publish before you leave. You’ll see how to do in minutes, what used to take days, and with a staff of just one part-time person who needs no previous knowledge. 

Live, you’ll create videos (without ever speaking or being on camera) that you could publish immediately and that your ideal clients would actually be interested in. 

You’ll create YouTube videos that routinely get MSPs hundreds of views, when they were getting less than 10 views before. 

You’ll see how to sneak into the mind of your ideal client, and in minutes have a marketing piece written specifically for them that’ll blow your mind with its accuracy and astound them, because you’ll speak to them like no one else has. 

AND…you’ll leave with a process and plan in place to get this done in minutes a week and build a perpetual marketing engine in your business. 

This double session is unlike any other, where you’ll get things done instead of leaving another conference with an ever-growing to-do list. 

Session 4:

How To Create A Killer Webinar That’ll Have Leads And Clients Attending Like Crazy And The Plan To Convert Them Into Clients!

AI is the hottest topic out there today, yet it’s one that most small to medium-sized businesses still know very little about.  

They desperately want the info, and that’s where you come in. 

In this session, you’ll get the exact webinar you can use “out of the box” that will have small businesses clamoring to sign up to attend. You’ll get the scripts, the slides and the transition to getting appointments so you can turn these attendees into clients!  

But…it doesn’t end there. You’ll also get ALL of the marketing pieces you need to get people registered, attending and the follow-up for appointments. 

There’s an opportunity to be a sought-after speaker either in-person or virtually, and this session will give you the knowledge and tools you need to become the expert and get leads and appointments like never before. 

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Special Session: MSP Marketing Blueprint For Beginners

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Most MSPs simply want to get one to two new good MSP clients a month who value IT so that they can make the income they want (and deserve!) and grow their business in a reliable, consistent way. But in order to do that, you need to know how to implement a marketing plan that will consistently attract quality clients that doesn’t rely solely on referrals and word of mouth. Problem is, most MSPs don’t know where to start or what to do when it comes to marketing, which makes them feel stuck and confused. If you’re that person, this workshop will give you the clarity and answers you’ve been looking for.

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During this session we’ll reveal:

40 attendees MAX per city.  This session will run the evening before Day 1.

What MSPs Are Saying About TMT’s Roadshow!

“After Implementing Robin’s Proven Strategies We Added 40 New Clients!”

I was STUCK for eight straight years. I decided to attend Roadshow, and after implementing Robin’s proven strategies we added 40 new clients and $1,384,486 in revenue!

David Javaheri

Direct IT
“We Replaced ‘Hope And Pray’ Advertising, With Proven, Targeted Marketing!”
As a direct result of attending Roadshow, we replaced “hope and pray” advertising, with proven, targeted marketing that we learned at the seminar and quickly added $24,796.57 in new MMR!

Kelley And Shawnda Sanford

Nerds In A Flash
“Nixed The ‘Easy Button,’ Then Added $576,000 In NEW SALES!”
Attending Roadshow was SO WORTH IT! After that seminar, we went “All In”, nixed the “Easy Button”, then added $576,000 in NEW SALES!

Matt Wellner

Krueger Communications
“The Entire Conference Was AMAZING!”
I convinced my boss to let me attend Roadshow. The entire conference was AMAZING! We signed 4 new clients using Robin’s No-BS Marketing Campaigns we learned!

Jenn McGroary

ClearCom IT Solutions
“Roadshow Was The Starting Point Of Our Transformation!”
Roadshow was the starting point in our transformation from a break-fix shop to an MSP model that added $1,124,000 in a single year!

Roland Parker

Impress Computers
“This Event Is Worth The Money!”
I attended Roadshow and the number one thing I learned was to get off the fence! This event is worth the money. After Roadshow we made a commitment to keep the momentum going.

Bryce Servine

Centerpoint IT

“There Is No Better Time To Push The Accelerator Than Now!”
We keep coming back to Roadshow year after year because we learn something new every time. There is always a new, innovative way to work on your business to absorb and implement.

Evan Desjardines

RoundTable Technology
“Roadshow Lit A Fire Under My Butt!”
Roadshow lit a fire under my butt, and we OVERSHOT our revenue goal by $325K! We went from zero recurring revenue, zero marketing, and zero sales in the pipeline to $125,000 in recurring revenue just by implementing the strategies and tactics we learned.

Ed Wenzel



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